Introducing “Kick-Ass” Kathleen! May 2018 Boot Camp Party member of the month! Please join me in congratulating her!
“I have been coming to Dion’s Bootcamp Party for 6 years because it’s fun and it’s a great full-body workout! We do cardio and work all the muscle groups, while having a blast with a great group of people.

Dion always has a ton of energy – and a contagious positive attitude – which he brings to every class. He challenges us in every class, but also teaches us proper form, and gives individual modifications when necessary.

This past winter, I was only coming to Bootcamp Party once a week, and ate too many sweets, so I gained weight. This spring, I started coming twice a week (and cut out sugar) and lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks.

I love coming to Bootcamp Party, even when I’m tired, because I always get a great workout and leave feeling energized!

Dion even makes working out to country music fun.”