Introducing our May 2021 Boot Camp Party member of the month: Cheryl Gillwald!!
This tall drink of water hit the ground running in our class!! Here’s her story:

“After a year of Covid and no going to the gym, my workout routine was non-existent. I had been trying to walk on the treadmill but that gets old after a while. I have known about this class Dion has and I just decided to jump in with both feet! My first class was on March 20th. I was just going to give it a try to see how it went and found it was hard but a lot of fun. I was pretty sore after my 1st class, but it’s gotten easier the more I go to class. The zoom aspect was also good for this girl who never really did push-ups or burpees in her life. Dion keeps a watchful eye on us zoomies so we can’t really get away with slackin’! The music is fun too, and the theme classes give it a party atmosphere. I find that if I sign up for an exercise class I show up to exercise vs. having a gym membership where I have to make myself go. Thanks Dion for making the class a lot of fun & hopefully I’ll get in better shape, have more energy and maybe lose a few pounds and inches.”