Bootcamp party March Member of the Month is Lynn Colavita!
She sports the most beautiful smile you’ll ever see on a person!

“A few years ago, I wanted to incorporate some strength training into my workout, but I knew I wouldn’t do it on my own. I needed someone to push me and tell me what to lift and how often to lift it, so Kay Rudy brought me to boot camp and Dion! There I found a challenging workout with fun music and an amazing, friendly, supportive group of people with whom to share the misery… I mean the workout high. 

The beauty of the boot camp party is that you can do as much or as little as you’re comfortable with, but the class always makes me want to push myself. It’s a full body workout, but it’s different every time, so I never get bored. It definitely makes me stronger – stronger legs, stronger arms, stronger core… all of which make me a better runner and a better tennis player.

Dion’s joy for life and enthusiasm for exercise are contagious! He keeps the energy high and completely gets how to keep people motivated. He lets me complain and make faces and call him names… the only thing he doesn’t let me do is quit when I can do more. Thanks D!”