Introducing our Bootcamp Party member of the month of March 2019 – Kenyetta Price-Jackson!

“After moving to Leesburg in June of 2018 I started looking for a workout class that would motivate me to get healthy. For many months I’d sign-up for different trial classes around town and did not have any luck finding a class that was motivating, challenging and fun. In September of 2018 my husband suggested I try a class he saw on Facebook – Bootcamp Party, Body By Dion. Day one I was greeted by Dion and introduced to the many faithful members of the class. I was taught the proper way to do a burpee and a squat; then the Boot Camp Party started. The music was awesome and my heart was pumping. I went home Excited and Sore. My body didn’t know what hit it! Dion works each class to get the best out of all of us! I’ve made a commitment to myself to “Get healthy and Stay healthy. Over the many months I’ve seen my energy level increase. In the last six weeks I’ve lost twenty pounds and my waistline is looking “Fabulous”! My clothes fit better and I love what I’m seeing in the mirror. I’ve never felt better! Before I found this class I made excuses not to workout…. Now I can’t wait for the next class! Thank you Dion for helping me create a healthy me!”

You’re very welcome Kenyetta, and we’re glad you’re on the team! -Dion