Introducing our Boot Camp Party member of the month of March 2021, Kathy Renton!!
I’m so proud of Kathy’s progress and participation.
“A friend of mine introduced me to boot camp and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made to give it a try. I started in September of 2020 For a 7 week session. It’s been years since I’ve done any kind of regular exercise. I am becoming more limber with all the stretching, cardio, and the weights even though I’m using just 5 lbs weights. I was hoping to see if I could strengthen my upper body and see if I could find my abs (I knew they were in there somewhere). When we started I wasn’t able to do one pushup and can now do 50 in a row without taking a break. It’s fun to pick up a case of water at Costco without struggling. I’ve discovered the best part of boot camp is the laughter, making new friends and of course the awesome music. The cool thing is that Dion takes the time to remind me to breathe, how to correct arm and neck use during a routine, use my abs and will always point out the correct way to do the exercise to not injure any part of my body. My energy level and overall health has improved more than I could’ve imagined.”