I’m so honored to introduce this wonderful man to everyone. He has been a blessing to me – as well as the other class attendees – with his helpfulness, encouragement, sense of humor, and personal success with his very own fitness. Back up ladies, he’s married. Here is John’s story:

“I was that uncoordinated skinny kid that could eat anything. I once ate a 72 ounce steak because it was free if you could eat it all. Then I ordered dessert. I stayed that way until my mid-40s when everything started going south. It went south very fast and really hard.

Dion has helped me to get back my energy level, a whole lot of strength, and a modicum of flexibility. I can do 50 push-ups again and I hardly ever cry any more when he asks me to do burpees. Some day soon I will be able to touch my toes again. His classes are loads of fun; just don’t ask me about any of the dance moves that he is so very fond of!

Thank you Dion for making it fun to sweat again!”