Introducing our Bootcamp Party Member of the Month of July 2021: Unie Nystrom

Unie has taken over the class with her dedication and enthusiasm. So proud of her!

“Since I made the decision to do the 8 week boot camp with Dion, I have so much more energy and motivation for life! I can feel the changes in all areas: work, home, and
my personal life. It has helped me to get more structured and disciplined, increased my strength and stamina, improved my mood – which in turn is making me make better choices all around. It was exactly what I needed – an overhaul.

My arms have always been undefined and for the first time in 50 years I can see definition!!! And my abs are starting to have definition too!!!

The first class was tough; but every class got easier and motivated me to keep coming. I started out doing 2x a week for about a month; then ended the last 4 weeks coming 3X a week because I always felt great afterwards – a natural high!

You’re laughing and smiling and the hour flies by! Everyone is friendly! and…Dion has a great sense of humor. He is able to connect with just about anyone. His energy and positive attitude are highly contagious! You want to work.

Dion also recognizes that every one is at a different level, and he encourages each of us. He pays attention to each student’s form and makes corrections as needed.

Dion’s very warm, friendly, sincere and genuinely cares about his students.  I think if you are  interested in improving your health and life and having some fun – you won’t be disappointed.”