Please meet our Boot Camp Party member of the month of January 2021…..Kris Struba.

This mid 70’s lady takes away everyone’s excuses when it comes to doing my class! She’s amazing! Here’s her journey:

“Since joining the Body by Dion classes I am not only physically stronger but healthier as well. And none of it took very long. Within weeks I was stronger and able to do more exercises.
The classes can be as strenuous as you want. Keep up with Dion and you will get an incredible workout – and most of his students can keep up with him.
For those like me, he will give alternate moves which enable us to keep up with the class. His after-class stretching is the best I’ve ever had – and needed after his workout.
His Zoom classes make it possible to continue with the Program even while you are on vacation. And you will not want to miss a class.
Healthier? After a year of Dion’s classes, my doctor was wondering if I needed a pacemaker because my resting heart rate became so much lower than previously. I told him about Dion – no pacemaker. My only regret: I still can’t do a real push up”. – Kris

In time Kris, in time.