Happy New Year!

Let’s highlight this “NEWYEARNEWME” season off with a January Member of the Month!

This has to be the greatest transformation yet!

Ellen England is indeed a force to be reckoned with! She’s as tough as they come! Ellen has been working out with me for over 10 years! I’m so proud of her! I throw my best Jabs at her and she keeps on ticking! And the results are obvious!

“Dion’s energy knows no bounds and is contagious; his passion for motivating all – no matter what level of fitness – is exemplary. For me, walking in the door brings a big smile to my face. I am excited to take on whatever new challenges he has in store for me. Come join our class and experience one of the most ENERGETIC, FUN WORKOUTS EVER! Not only are his classes fun, you meet a great bunch of people, and Dion makes you work hard! You come away not being able to walk for days but it’s worth it,,,,, it works. You see a difference with your body and fitness level almost immediately. Thanks for the pain!” – Ellen