Introducing Mike Sheldon, our other Boot Camp Party member of the month of December!!!!

I’m very impressed with Mike’s progress in such a short time! Here’s his story:

“Last Winter I had just come off of a minor surgery, and also had some issues with my cholesterol and weight. In April, I went hiking with some friends on Appalachian Trail. Two hours into the hike I came upon a hill that I had been always able to climb before. This time, I was out of breath and my “friends” left me, presumably to be eaten by bears! As I limped back to my car, I decided then and there to go see Dion and get into shape. He had suggested that I try his Boot Camp Party previously — but I always had a reason to not go. No more!

I have been going regularly for 7 months now and I am thrilled with how I feel. The group support is phenomenal — these are some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. I look forward to showing up and working out. I’ve never enjoyed exercising, but I have always loved playing sports. This feels like playing a sport on a team, and we are all kicking butt!! I’ve lost weight and inches off of my waist. My energy and attitude are better, and I feel good most of the time. My cholesterol numbers are improved (especially the good cholesterol) and I look forward to my next annual checkup.

The best example of what I mean happened a few weeks ago after we finished a particularly difficult session. The last exercise we did involved doing tension holds and about 96 push ups to the song “Fireball” by Pit-bull. I was physically spent and as I was getting ready to stretch after the workout, one of my friends, Patty, said to me, “We are SO lucky!” I asked, “Why do you say that?” She replied, “Most of our peers could never finish that exercise, we’re lucky because we can.” Then she said something that really made an impact on me, “The couple of hours that I spend here allow me to live fully the rest of the week!”

I realized that I normally spend 3 hours a week at Boot Camp…so that I can fully live the other 165 hours FULLY.

3 for 165…That’s a really good deal!

Thank you, Dion and team!”