Introducing the Boot Camp Party Member of the Month of August 2021 – Patricia Schutz

Trish has come a long way in a very short time. She’s a true trooper!

“I was never “athletic” – there weren’t sports for girls in my area when at I was at the age when you get interested in those things. So – a life of not a lot of activity, plus a career at a desk job, plus a family history of osteoarthritis put me under a surgeon’s scalpel four years ago, and within a few months I had two artificial knees. And I didn’t have the desire and the ability to go places and do things. Just not a lot of stamina! Boot Camp Party is wonderful. Even if I don’t “feel like working out”, I go anyway. The camaraderie and smiles and encouragement always make me glad I’m there.

And Dion will push, although nicely. It’s up to me to put down the 3-pound weights and pick up the 5-pounders, and at some point, hopefully, it’ll be time for 8 pounds.

The answer is always YES! And if I want to realize my dream of returning to Edinburgh, Scotland and hiking up the Salisbury Crags and Arthur’s Seat, I will keep showing up and saying YES!”