Whoa August! It just got a lot HOTTER!
Introducing our boot camp party member of the month! Joanne!

Here’s Joanne’s journey:
“Last year I made a decision to get in shape even though I hated to exercise. I searched for a trainer and found Body by Dion. My goal was to be able to do 5 pushups. Months later, through Dion’s motivation, training and guidance (did I mention his energetic personality?), I can complete over 100 pushups during the course of his Boot Camp Party workout. I am stronger, and in better cardio condition than I had been when I was younger. The best part is that I am still exercising! Dion’s enthusiasm and encouragement keeps me coming back (sorry Dion, it isn’t because of your colorful outfits and matching sneakers). I am enjoying my workouts and reaping their benefits. The classes are filled with great people, music and and energy. Thank you Dion. I am so happy to have found you and your classes. Whoa August!”