Introducing our August 2020 Boot Camp Party member of the month: Debbie Sullivan!

Deb-Deb has become a fierce machine in such a short time with us this year…very proud to have her with us!

“I’m more than half way through my 2nd round of boot camp, and my only regret is not starting sooner! I started with the typical goals: lose weight and get back into shape, but I’ve achieved so much more than that! I’m making time for myself and consistently sticking to my new routine, sleeping better (that’s a big one for me!), building strength, and no longer beating myself up for last night’s pizza and beer!
Working out with Dion and this fantastic group of people has made the difference for me. Somehow he makes pushups and burpees fun?! Yep, I’m dropping lbs,,, and those old jeans are starting to fit again too!”