Introducing our April 2021 Bootcamp Party Member of the Month: Julie
This tall drink of water has some serious dance moves!! Her fitness journey:
“A couple of years ago, my friend Jenny invited me to attend Dion’s class. It was a blast, but my work travel had me gone all the time, so it didn’t seem like a consistent option for me.
Last summer, amidst Covid craziness, I found myself looking for something fun and energizing, especially with all the gyms closing. I received an email from Dion offering a free 4th of July class. It was just what I needed right when I needed it!
It was a fun class that worked every muscle group. I walked away sore, but happy and that’s how I feel after every class now!
I’m not good to do classes on my own or without encouragement , so the zoom classes have been the perfect fit for me! I know now, regardless of work travel, I will be able to keep up the exercise and enjoy the class—it’s a dance party every class, and it keeps me coming back! Thank you Dion!”