I’m really honored and excited to introduce as my Boot Camp Party Member of the Month of April 2019, my #1 dude, my Man in the Mirror, my friend for life, Don Zambito. This is the second time he’s been selected. His journey with me is the longest running of all members of the class!

“I started working out with Dion in 2009 and my journey has taken many paths over the years, including a period where I wasn’t working out with Dion. But in the end, I came back home to where I needed to be: In the front row next to my very good friend and forever workout mentor Dion.  My physical shape may have had some up and down periods over the years, but one thing is constant: Dion’s friendship and for that he has a lifelong client and friend. PS….I hate jumping jacks and burpees!”                 -Don