I’m so proud to introduce to you all the April 2018 Bootcamp Party member of the month! Casmera (aka Cassie) Lebron – no relation to Lebron James! ?

Her journey:

“As someone who has always struggled with my weight, and never really liked exercise; this journey has been pretty tough for me. However, after joining the Bootcamp Party class, I realized that I am much more capable of doing more things that I actually gave myself credit. 
During my time in the class I was able to lose 100 pounds and counting. I actually do enjoy working out, and the class is a ton of fun.
Being around people who are working to do their best in class – and of course having an awesome teacher like Dion – has really helped me to stay motivated.
One thing that I absolutely love about the class is how much stronger I am getting. There were times when I have wanted to give up, but it’s really cool to experience my own progress. There are things I would not have been able to do this time last year, and now I am. This class really helped me stay on a healthier path, and it continues to do so.
I will say my favorite part of class is and will always be stretch time! Getting healthy is not easy but it is very worth it in the end. I’m glad I have my Bootcamp Party to help me reach my goals! Thanks D!”

You’re welcome Cassie! You rock! Dion