Introducing our Bootcamp Party Member of the Month of July 2022: Fred!!
We are so proud of Fred’s progress in such a short time. HIStory:

“Growing up I was always an active person playing football, baseball, and basketball. As I aged my activity became less, and I started to see a lack of drive for my personal health. I noticed my wife, (Diane), who never liked exercise, was seeing results from the “Bootcamp by Dion.” I thought it was a “Dance” class and told her you would never get me there. She challenged me by asking me to attend (1) class. I accepted the challenge and attended the class. I was not able to make it thru all the exercises, but put forth my best effort. I am now a regular member, and enjoy meeting new people, having fun, and Dion pushing me to be healthy; physically and mentally. Dion’s enthusiasm, energy, and planned workouts keep me coming back.”