Introducing our Bootcamp Party Member of the Month of December 2021: Fiona Haken!

The room seems to brighten every time Fiona shows up. She is our special bundle of joy. We all love her! Her story:

“I have always enjoyed walking but not so much exercise classes. That changed when I got introduced to Dion’s Bootcamp a few years ago. (Thanks, Dawn Bachand!) To know Dion is to know the meaning of BIG. Dion is big in stature, big in his voice, big in his smile, big in his passion for music and big in his genuine love of people. He makes every individual in his class, young or old, male or female, feel like they matter and he encourages each one of us to reach our full potential with his exuberance and upbeat music. Thanks, Dion, for making your classes a place for fitness, friendship and fun.”